Medical Malpractice


SA LAW, P.C. understands that litigating a medical malpractice case can force people to re-live a negative event and also causes additional emotional pains. We use our best efforts to ensure prospective clients are not advised to pursue a claim unless medical research validates doing so. A successful malpractice claim requires proof that a health care professional did not provide the level of care similar professionals should have provided under like medical circumstances, and that an injury resulted from medical malpractice. After the initial review and research of a potential medical malpractice case, SA LAW, P.C. will provide clients with a candid assessment of these two criteria.

SA LAW, P.C. thoroughly investigates claims of medical malpractice. We first obtain information relating to culpable parties, the injuries, and monetary value.  SA LAW, P.C. obtains a case history from potential clients, explains a medical malpractice case and the judicial system, and answers client questions. After this initial consultation, SA LAW, P.C. may request medical records from relevant health care providers to review and analyze. We also research impartial doctors to assist with the file review and to provide unbiased medical expert opinions concerning the underlying medical treatment at issue.

If all of the elements of a medical malpractice action can be satisfied, SA LAW, P.C. may elect to represent and protect a client’s interests. SA LAW, P.C. conducts free consultations for potential medical malpractice matters and typically handles medical malpractice claims on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means that we do not collect or charge an attorney fee unless we recover money for the client.

After these preliminary case review stages, we evaluate case value, including the facts and results in similar cases to identify trends and issues resulting in favorable, and unfavorable, verdicts. Our research also allows us to determine how to present a case to the jury from a position of strength or engage in serious pre-trial settlement discussions.

SA LAW, P.C. often attempts to obtain fair value for a case prior to filing a lawsuit. A settlement may occur just months after an initial consultation, or could take a number of years. If appropriate, we recommend and participate in early Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as mediation and/or arbitration to facilitate settlement. If a choice is made not to settle, we can file suit and prepare for a jury trial to obtain the best possible result for our clients. If justified, we conduct mock trials to obtain case feedback and opinions from impartial people.


SA LAW, P.C. has handled numerous medical malpractice cases on behalf of individuals injured as the result of the carelessness and negligence of medical professionals, including: Cardiologist, Critical Care, Dentist, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT), Otolaryngologist, Emergency Room Care, Gastroenterologist, Internist, Oncologist, Orthodontist, Orthopedist, Podiatrist, Primary Care Physician, Pulmonologist, Surgeon, Radiologist, and other health care professionals. Representative cases involved: amputation, anesthesia, aortic dissection, careless review of an X-ray or other medical tests or records, death, facial deformity, failed or missed diagnoses, failed surgery, failure to detect or diagnose cancer, hemorrhage, infection, pulmonary edema, sedation, side effects of medication, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, vascular hypertension, and many other injuries. We handle catastrophic and life-altering injuries, as well as less severe injuries. We accept many referrals for these claims from other attorneys and take great pride in providing a high level of service.

SA LAW, P.C. prides itself on being a litigation law firm handling both plaintiff and defense cases all the way to a jury verdict, and through any subsequent appeal. This unique dual experience provides SA LAW, P.C. with a strong grasp of the issues and needs facing parties on both sides of a case, and better prepares them to negotiate beneficial settlements and facilitate workouts. In the event settlement discussions are unsuccessful, we aggressively represent both plaintiffs and defendants at trial.

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