Aviation law involves all facets of the aerospace industry and requires a great deal of knowledge about many specialized technical and regulatory matters. The worldwide mobility of aviation products and services often requires aviation law matters to deal with complex and conflicting issues of state and federal law, foreign law and treaties. Because of the mega-million dollar cost of aircraft, and the very high damage exposures from aircraft accidents and aviation business disputes, almost every one of the many complex legal issues in an aviation case is significant and must be dealt with carefully and thoroughly.

SA LAW, P.C. has decades of experience in aviation law and litigation. The firm’s principal, Attorney Steven E. Arnold, has been recognized and distinguished by his peers as a Super Lawyer®* in Aviation and Business Litigation. SA LAW, P.C. has a great deal of experience with aircraft accidents, contract disputes and insurance matters involving a variety of domestic, international, civilian, and military aircraft accidents, commercial and general aviation airplanes and helicopters, and more complex and sensitive military jet fighter and helicopter aircraft cases.

SA LAW, P.C. is familiar with the key technical, regulatory and legal issues involved in aircraft and aviation component design, testing and manufacture, FAA certification, government contracts, aircraft operations and maintenance, pilot training and proficiency, and airport and airline operations, among many other related aviation matters. In addition, SA LAW, P.C. has experience with the many legal doctrines, federal statutes and international conventions that often apply in aviation cases, including the Federal Aviation Act, Airline Deregulation Act, Death on the High Seas Act, maritime law, Warsaw Convention, Montreal Protocols, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Hague Convention on Taking Evidence Abroad, General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA), federal preemption, government contract defense, and economic loss doctrine, among many others. Because aircraft accidents can occur anywhere in the world, SA LAW, P.C. has experience working with foreign lawyers worldwide on foreign law issues that often come into play in aviation cases.

SA LAW, P.C.'s broad-based aviation and litigation experience enables us to advise our clients how to best avoid litigation, or to best prepare for anticipated litigation involving business disputes or aviation accidents that have not yet gone to court. We have particular experience in the areas of product integrity programs, warnings, document retention, attorney-client and work product doctrine privileges, contract and insurance coverage disputes, among many other related aviation law matters.

We prepare every case as if it will go to trial, and our professional staff is experienced with handling complex multi-party aviation litigation that often involves multiple lawsuits in many different state and federal courts filed to acquire jurisdiction over all parties and/or to forum-shop for the most favorable law. SA LAW, P.C. also is equipped with advanced litigation technology, electronic discovery and document management, as well as demonstrative trial aids as still graphics or cutting-edge animations. Because of the high-stakes exposures and damages for parties in aviation litigation, in appropriate cases SA LAW, P.C. works with jury consultants, focus groups and conducts mock trials to better evaluate litigation risks and develop successful trial strategies. SA LAW, P.C. also has a great deal of experience and success with alternate dispute resolution of complex and high-stakes cases through mediation and arbitration to minimize party exposures and maximize cost-efficient resolutions of disputes for our clients.

SA LAW, P.C. represents major United States and foreign commercial airlines, civilian and military aircraft, helicopter, and engine manufacturers, aviation component manufacturers, commercial and general aviation aircraft manufacturers, airport fixed base operators, aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities, pilots and aircraft owners, distributors and suppliers of aerospace parts, as well as working closely with the major United States and European aviation insurers and reinsurers involved in the aviation insurance industry.

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